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MonkeyDough.com was created to compliment what you are already doing while helping to create an Annually Increasing, Recurring or Residual Revenue, while Increasing Your Supporters, and offering them an amazing benefit that saves them money on almost everything they do.  And just as important, MonkeyDough.com helps to market your organization and helps to build an emotional tie with your supporters.  And because we cover over 99% of the population, you can now fund raise nationally.

It’s as easy as just including our program in whatever lines of communication you already use, such as your website, emails, social media, etc.  There is no significant time requirement like you would have with a gala or event.  We want to make your life easier.  And with our New Chatbot Technology that we provide you, you can now automate a lot of what you do in marketing.

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Benefits Of Fundraising With MonkeyDough.com

  • MonkeyDough.com helps you create a residual revenue stream for your organization

  • We create a custom MonkeyDough.com website with your logo and information and photos specific to your organization, to help market you

  • There is no cost to your organization

  • MonkeyDough.com donates money to your organization for every member that joins through your custom MonkeyDough.com site, for as long as they are a member

  • MonkeyDough.com donates a percentage of everything purchased on your Custom Amazon Store

  • MonkeyDough.com donates a percentage of every paid hotel booking on your Custom MonkeyDough.com Travel Club Site

  • No need to spend time on administration

  • No time spent on collecting cash and checks

  • MonkeyDough.com pays our charitable partners monthly, unless requested differently

  • MonkeyDough.com covers over 99% of the US Population, so our program lets you fundraise nationally

  • Our program let you get the entire community involved

  • MonkeyDough.com can spotlight your organization's existing and future supporting merchants

  • MonkeyDough.com gives you the ability to fundraise for different groups within your organization

  • MonkeyDough.com creates a Custom Amazon Store branded to your organization where you will get paid when your supporters shop. Up to 10 times what you might be used to seeing

  • MonkeyDough.com offers a huge benefit to your supporters, and a great benefit to bring in additional supporters

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