Meet The Team is building a team of professionals who have the love and compassion to help Non Profits, Schools and Universities, and Youth Leagues, raise substantial funds more effectively while providing valuable benefits to their supporters.

Rob Herget
Founder & President

Rob owned an insurance agency in Miami for 25 years.  He developed a passion to give back so he created to help raise funds for organizations all over the country and world.  Rob has been involved in fundraising in numerous ways and felt like there could be a better way.

The idea of is to be able to attract people of all demographics, use their regular spending habits and save them money at all their favorite merchants, while donating a portion of everything we do to our charitable partners.  Let’s attract more people to a cause, save them money, and build a residual or recurring revenue stream for amazing causes.

Miguel Rivera

Miguel is a former Commercial Real Estate Agent with more than 4 years of highly successful real estate experience. He currently specializes in luxury golf & country club real estate sales in Palm Beach County.  Prior to his real estate career, Miguel was a Caddie on the PGA tour for over 10 years.   He interfaced with top athletes in the golf industry and also built relationships with many CEO’s for major corporations.
Miguel wanted to give back, and helping to raise money for the Foundations of many top athletes, as well as important National Non Profits, Miguel found the perfect solution in  Being able to attract new supporters and enabling fans and followers to help support wonderful causes, while saving huge dollars themselves, has been the perfect fit.

Neal Curry

Neal Curry has been assisting non-profits with their fundraising needs for over 25 years, whether it’s your local YMCA, school or youth sports organization he has helped them all raise thousands of dollars.  He has a true passion for helping young people and their organization raise money for their programs.

Neal saw all the huge benefits of so he started introducing to non profits, schools, and youth leagues all over California and the west.  With the help of, Neal is making a huge impact all over the West.

Jeff Scott

Jeff was a teacher and high school coach for many years, and is now the director of coaching for a large youth soccer club in Southern California. For years Jeff was always looking for ways to effectively fund raise without selling things that people didn’t really want, need, or use.

In he found a platform that is simple, can be used right from your mobile phone, and best of all, allows you to save AND raise money all at the same time, whether you are shopping at home, or traveling with your team.

Now Jeff is a big part of the team as he uses to help youth leagues and schools across California fund raise more effectively and efficiently.