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Are you looking for something powerful to compliment your traditional fundraising? Join our School and Team partners and see how easy and effective it is to raise money with

Leverage the Power of Your Supporter's Spending Habits to Raise Money

  • Fundraising That Is Easy And Fun

  • No Cost To Our School And Sports Teams Partners

  • Annually Increasing Recurring Revenue

  • We create a phone app specifically created for your organization

  • Branded Website For Your School

  • No Administration, Just Communicate The Program

  • No Collecting Of Cash Or Checks

  • Offers Incredible Value

  • No Delivering Of Products

  • You Don't Have To Promote To The Same People Every Year

  • Gives You The Ability To Fundraise Nationally As Our Discounts Cover Over 99% Of The US Population

    • Covid Friendly is completely digital which means members join via their own phone or computer.  There is no need for face to face activity needed Raises Money By Saving Your Supporters Money On Almost Everything They Do

    Take A Look At Our Programs National Discount Club

    Members save $1000's every year at over 360,000 merchants nationwide. They are saving at Restaurants, Movies, Shopping, Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Travel and More Exclusive Travel Club

    Members are saving as much as 85% off the best hotel rates available anywhere on the internet at over 800,000 locations worldwide. Plus they save money on sports and concert tickets

    An Easier, More Effective Way To Fundraise

    Our Powerful Benefits

    Let help you attract new supporters

  • Create A Residual Revenue Stream To Your Organization

  • We Create A Custom Website With Your Logo And Information And Photos Specific To Your Organization, To Help Market You

  • There Is No Cost To Your Organization

  • No Time Spent On Collecting Cash And Checks

  • No Time Spent On Administration

  • Can Spotlight Existing Supporting Merchants

  • A Donation Check Is Sent Monthly From

  • Covers Over 99% Of The US Population, So Our Program Enables You To Fundraise Nationally

  • We Donate Money To Your Organization For Every Member That Joins Through Your Custom Site To Your Organization

  • Our Program Lets You Get The Entire Community Involved

  • We Give You The Ability To Fundraise For Different Groups Within Your Organization

  • See What A Typical Member Saves

    Another year of saving $1000's on the things they already do

    • $800 Complimentary 3-7 Night Stay Of Your Choice

    • $100 Savings ordering out pizza

    • $150 Going to the movies

    • $2000 Going out to eat at a restaurant

    • $120 Savings on a Cruise

    • $250 Savings on Dental and RX

    • $200 Savings on Shopping

    • $100 Savings on Cellular Services

    • $2000 Savings on Groceries

    • $500 Savings on Hotels

    • $200 Savings on Sports and Sporting Events

    • $200 Savings on Health and Beauty

    • $500 Savings on Entertainment

    • $7320 Value +++

    Just A Few Of Our More Than 350,000 Participating Merchant Partners

    School Example

    Here is a school that had 973 supporters that participated in the program the first year.

    Annually Increasing Money Raised

    • Discount Club       $19,460

    • Travel Club           $ 9,730

    • Annually Increasing  $29,190

    Just an example of how your fundraising can increase every year

    Look At What Others Are Saying About

    See how we are making an impact.

    “Working with has been so each and impactful. It has also been the only true Covid friendly fundraising program we use.”          

    We brought into fundraise for our school as well as the school sports teams. I am so impressed I am helping to implement this amazing program in other schools all over Southern California to make an even bigger impact.                      

    Neal Curry

    California, United States

    “ has made such a huge difference in raising money for our schools and soccer clubs that other organizations are wanting to participate.”

    I coach soccer and help with my kid's school fundraising. has done an amazing job helping to fundraise for both. Our parents even use the discounts to save money on their hotel rooms and meals when the team travels.

    Jeff Scott

    San Diego, United States

    Thank you for taking the time to take a look at how can help your school or sports team raise additional funds. I have been involved in school and sports team fundraising for years and always thought there was a better way. I can appreciate the time and effort, and understand the obstacles of fundraising for your school and sports team. I wanted to create a program that gave back huge value in return for the support. I wanted to help created a residual revenue stream which really doesn't exist with current fundraising. And I wanted to create a program that could and would attract people of all demographics.   Please click on the button above to set up a call with a member of our team, so that we can find out more about your organization and discuss how we can help you raise additional funds as well as attract more supporters of your cause. ”

    Rob Herget

    Founder and President

    Isn't It Time To Create An Annual, Increasing, Recurring Revenue Stream For Your School or Sports Team?

    Rob Herget

    You Can Be Up Running With Your Branded Website In The Next Week


    Let's Start Raising Money Right Now

  • You Get To Raise Money By Saving Your Supporters Money On Almost Everything They Already Do

  • There is no cost to our Non Profit, School, and Youth League partners

  • There is enormous value while not having to deal with cash, delivering of products or face to face sales

  • As A Bonus

    If you partner soon, to make it even more attractive to your supporters, will give each new member a Complimentary 3-7 Night Stay of their choice at destinations all over the world. And they get a new trip every year that they renew.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Just click on the question

      There is never any cost to our School or Sports Team partners. We are in the business of raising money for you. The current membership cost to your supporters is either $59 annually or $7 per month.

      As members join, at least 30% of the membership cost goes to your organization every single year that the supporter is a member of Your organization will also receive up to 5% over everything bought through your specific Amazon Store, which can be 10 times what you might already be seeing. And your organization gets paid 50% of the revenue generated by for every paid hotel stay booked through your specific Travel Club site.

      We understand most organizations are limited with their man power and resources to raise funds.  That is one of the beauties of  Unlike events and other fundraisers that take enormous time, all you need to do is to communicate this program.  Get it on your social media and website.  Include it in your communication pieces.  Let your supporters know the great benefit to them.  We even incentivize your supporters to share it with their friends and family to help create even more revenue for your organization.

      We create custom marketing pieces branded to your organization along with a sophisticated affiliate system where you and your supporters can include it in your social media by the click of a button.

      First off, this is an ongoing program that creates annually increasing, recurring revenue. What else creates a recurring revenue stream for you? It's a huge benefit to your supporters that can save them $1000's of dollars every year plus they get a Complimentary 3 Night Stay of their choice so the value proposition is through the roof. Even if they no longer are affiliated with your organization, as long as they continue to be a member, your organization gets a check every year for their participation. With other product fundraisers, you have to sell something to the same amount of people every single year just to raise the same amount of money. With, once they are a member, they will see the value, continue to be a member, and so next year, you bring in the same amount of new members, your organization doubled their revenue. And unlike events, you don't have to spend all that time getting the word out there. was created to compliment what you are already doing, it doesn't have to be a replacement unless you want it to be. 

      All you need to do is to communicate the program to your supporters, the community, friends and family, and anyone that wants to see your organization be successful. There is never any collecting of money in any form. Members join using a CC or Paypal and its all done securely online. And every month you receive a check or paypal deposit for everything done the month before. It's that easy. pays our non profit partners every single month for new and renewal members, and the travel club.

      Because we cover over 99% of the population, you can get the word out to supporters all over the country to join the program as it's a huge benefit to them. We have members letting their friends and family in other states know about the great benefits, and they are joining for the great savings to them. But your organization is also receiving a donation for all these new members, even though they may not even know anything about your cause.

      Absolutely, if one of our non profit partners refers another non profit that partners with, we will pay you a referral donation for every new member they bring in. It's another great way to raise funds, as well as help other organizations raise funds for their cause. We want to make sure we are helping as many organizations as we can. 

      That's a great question. Almost all organizations that we speak to have partnered with us. And their supporters love the program. We hear from so many non profits that raising funds strictly through donations is getting more and more difficult.  And the time it takes to put on events and look for donations has gotten more and more extensive. Here is an easy way to benefit your supporters, increase your revenue, create a recurring revenue stream, and not have to put in the time that other fundraising programs require. We hope you will help us spread the word of how beneficial can be for any organization looking to raise funds.