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    Click on the tab “Shop On Amazon” and do all your Amazon Shopping through this link. will donate as much as 5% for everything purchased on Amazon through this link, to our partner non profits, schools and youth leagues. will also give you a FREE $100 Certificate every time you spend $100 or more on Amazon through this link, just as our way of saying Thank You.

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    Click on the tab “Join” and join  Not only will donate 30% to The Bahamian Family Relief Fund, you will get to save $1000’s at over 360,000 of your favorite merchants all over America. will also give you a Complimentary 3 Night Stay of your choice at places like Las Vegas, Orlando and many other Resort Towns, just as our way of saying Thank You.

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    Click on the tab "Get Free Benefits, FREE Travel Club", and sign up for's Travel Club. will donate a portion of every booking to our partner non profits, schools and youth leagues, while you get to save as much as 80% off the very best rate available anywhere at hotels all over the world.'s Mission is to support local communities, by incentivizing consumers to support the local merchants, save you and I $1000's of dollars every year at our favorite merchants, all while raising money for the local schools, non profits, and youth leagues.


Save $1000's every year at your favorite Restaurants, Movies, Shopping, Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Sporting Events, Cellular Services, Theme Parks, Professional Services, Cruises, Rental Cars, Hotels, Travel etc.

Save Money On Almost Everything You Do Programs

Save $1000's every year at your favorite Restaurant, Movies, Shopping, Entertainment, Theme Parks, Sports, Health & Beauty, Professional Services, Travel, and so much more

Save as much as 85% off the very best rate available anywhere on the internet, at over 800,000 hotels worldwide.  Save on concert and sports tickets, flights and rental cars as well

Do all your Amazon Shopping on your favorite Non Profit's MonkeyDough Amazon Store.  We donate as much as 5% of everything you spend, to your favorite cause.  And every month, when you shop, you can put your name in for a FREE Giveaway

See How Easy It Is To Save Money With

Look At Just An Example Of What You Can Save On


Save 10-70% off your favorite restaurants


Save 30% off going to the movies


Save money at stores as well as online


Save money at theme parks as well as museums, experiences, and lots of other entertainment


Save money on sporting events as well as equipment and playing

Professional Services

Save money on all sorts of services such as taxes and cleaning, etc


Save as much as $150 per week on your groceries at any grocery store you shop

Beauty Supplies

Save money on all your beauty supplies


Save as much as 85% off your hotel stays, rental cars, cruises, and lots of other travel expenses Phone App

Redeem your discounts showing your phone app to the merchant

Benefits On The Computer

You can see all your benefits and merchants right on the website and in many cases, you can print off the discount

Complimentary 3 Night Vacation

You will receive a complimentary 3 night vacation at your choice of locations just for joining Donates To Schools, Nonprofits, Youth Leagues

By saving you money, we are able to financially support amazing causes all over the country

And this is what Brad saved last year, just being a member.

  • $500 FREE 3 Night Vacation Of Your Choice

  • $130 Savings having a pizza twice a month

  • $150 Savings for 2 people going to the movies

  • $2000 Savings going to a restaurant once a week

  • $120 Savings for 2 people taking one cruise

  • $250 Savings on Dental work and RX

  • $200 Savings on Shopping

  • $100 Savings on Cellular Services

  • $2000 Savings on Groceries

  • $500 Savings on Hotels

  • $200 Savings on Sports and Sporting Events

  • $200 Savings on Health & Beauty

  • $500 on Entertainment

  • $7350 ++ Value

Just A Few Of Our More Than 350,000 Participating Merchant Partners


My membership immediately saved me more than $80 on a weekend car rental. My wife had priced a compact rental at $178. I joined MD and got the same rental for $95! The whole thing, joining and booking the rental through the MD site took less than 10 minutes.  I now use it to fundraise for my non profits.

Larry Crosby Jr raised money for our Rotary Club.  I use MD everywhere I go.  It saves me money when I take my girlfriend out to dinner.  I have saved tons of money on trips with hotels and rental cars.  It probably saves me over $4000 per year without even trying very hard.  I tell everyone I know to join.

Adam Weiner

I use MD for almost everything, from going out to restaurants, to taking my family to the movies.  I have saved so much I implemented  it in my school and several youth sports leagues to help raise funds.  I have a member who told me his wife saves over $2000 a year just using the grocery coupons alone.

Neal Curry

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